The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer

As a child I loved my Uncle Jim’s “Endless Summer” poster on my grandparents’ basement wall. Every time I visited their house I became transfixed by the neon pink, orange and yellow colors surrounding the silhouettes of men carrying surfboards. I never quite understood what the poster meant, but thought an “endless summer” seemed like a pretty good idea. Later I realized it was a documentary from the’60s following surfers around the world, but the notion of having a summer that never finished continued to fascinate me. In fact, I bought that same poster and hung it in my college dorm room, dreaming of a life where that would be my reality.

And now, unintentionally, I am living that dream. How? Well, since Brasil is located in the Southern Hemisphere it is summer there when it is winter in the United States, and vice versa. My school year in Brasil finished in the middle of June just as it started getting cold in Sao Paulo, and I fled to the USA where I am currently enjoying the summer sun and heat. Upon my return in a month it will still be cold in Sampa (Sao Paulo), but within a few weeks it will be spring! Being able to go to the beach or pool year round is definitely something that I can live with, and I am excited to have found the real secret to the “endless summer” existence…other than moving to the equator, of course.

So, while I am enjoying summer in the Northern Hemisphere, stay tuned for new posts about la vida con tres lenguas, including weddings, the pros and cons of living in Sao Paulo, and a Brazilian’s perspective of the USA. However, in the meantime, check out my friend Lauren’s awesome cooking blog: Peace Out, Mac and Cheese for some tasty summer meal ideas!

Hasta pronto, I promise this time!


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