After spending numerous years traveling the world, studying Spanish, teaching Spanish and English, as well as meeting amazing people throughout this whole process, I’ve decided it’s time to start sharing. Currently I live in Brazil, and prior to that spent an incredible two years living in Madrid, Spain. This blog will cover a variety of topics including traveling, teaching languages, my love for everything Spanish, and the new challenge of learning about Brazil and embracing this new country and culture. See how this new combination of English, Spanish and Portuguese really takes shape while reading about my adventures!



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  1. Ack! We had so much trouble with the Portuguese in Brazil! My hubby speaks fluent Italian and quite a bit of Spanish (they are so similar), but it didn’t seem to help much. Have you found any similarities between the languages?

  2. Hi Shelley! Yes, they are definitely similar, and having a background in Spanish has made it so much easier to learn. Much of the vocabulary is the same, and the verbs have similar conjugation patterns, but there are still many differences! Living here and being immersed has helped in learning, and I can certainly imagine it being difficult to understand at first. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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