Violence in Sao Paulo

I assume that currently, in the American media, the major, recent newsworthy events are the Petraeus scandal, Obama reelection, and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. These are all extremely important happenings, but there are some pretty major things going on in the rest of the world, especially here in Sao Paulo. I don’t mean to … Continue reading

The Endless Summer

As a child I loved my Uncle Jim’s “Endless Summer” poster on my grandparents’ basement wall. Every time I visited their house I became transfixed by the neon pink, orange and yellow colors surrounding the silhouettes of men carrying surfboards. I never quite understood what the poster meant, but thought an “endless summer” seemed like … Continue reading


It’s been a long time since I’ve written in this blog. I didn’t stop because I was lazy, or tired, or bored…in fact, I had a very important reason–the resuscitation of my Spanish. As it turns out, learning a third language has caused quite a bit of chaos in my brain. Maintaining a language while … Continue reading

Liberdade: Ramen done right

Liberdade: Ramen done right

With a M.A. in Spanish, my cultural studies have been mostly focused on the Hispanic world. I know next to nothing about most Asian countries, especially Japan, but after living in Brazil for six months I’ve come to know one thing. My heart may belong to Madrid, but Sao Paulo wins, no questions asked, in … Continue reading

Shopping in Sao Paulo

One of the downsides of living in Brazil, especially Sao Paulo, is the shopping. Better put, the EXPENSIVE shopping. It is virtually impossible to buy clothes or electronics that don’t cost obscene amounts of money. Sometimes I go to Shopping Morumbi or Jardim Sul, which are the malls closest to my apartment, to walk around … Continue reading

Easter, La Pascua, A Páscoa

The United States, Spain, and Brazil may all have different languages, but there is one thing that these countries do have in common: they are predominately Christian. Brazil, like Spain, has a strong Catholic influence, but with many Evangelical missionaries, there is a large and ever growing Protestant population. With this strong Christian presence, undoubtedly … Continue reading

The International Festival

For those of you who don’t know, I am a Spanish and ESL teacher at an International school in Sao Paulo. Before arriving here I figured I would be teaching mostly American children whose parents work as missionaries or in companies. Well, there are many students from the United States here, but surprisingly, most of … Continue reading

The eye doctor. El oftamólogo. O oftalmologista.

Sometimes I look back on my day and think, “Did that really happen?” This has been a recurring phenomenon ever since I packed up my bags and moved overseas, and is something that definitely occurred today. I woke up this morning in my Morumbi apartment to the unpleasant realization that my eye was swollen, itchy, … Continue reading

New Adventures in Sao Paulo

After living in Madrid for two years, coming to Sao Paulo has been quite an adjustment. This massive city is full of extremes. Obscene wealth and vast poverty are visible in all areas. Enormous traffic jams are a daily occurrence, yet on the weekends at times the city can feel dead. I’ve come to know … Continue reading

Un lío

Tengo un lío en la cabeza. My brain is a mess. After spending most of my adolescent and all of my adult life studying Spanish, teaching the language, and living in Spain for two years, I have been catapulted into a new country with different customs, where they speak Portuguese, a language that is dangerously … Continue reading